春日咖啡 Spring Coffee – 咖啡品牌識別設計

Art Director — Shih Chien An
Designer — Eloise Chen
Role — 企業識別設計,包裝設計

春日咖啡是專注於自家烘焙僅販售豆品的品牌。 燕子是春天將來的代表,也同時象徵著即將到來全新美好的開始。如同烘豆實驗室的春日咖啡,我們以藍色為品牌開闊、自信、創新的個性,做了最好的詮釋。
Spring Coffee is a brand which focus on coffee roasting. Swallows are the forerunners of spring, it’s also meaning of good and new beginning. Spring Coffee, like a coffee roasting lab always create new taste, be fresh and be big, so we used blue color to describe the brand personality.

Spring Coffee 春啡咖啡品牌視覺設計 1Spring Coffee 春啡咖啡品牌視覺設計 2 Spring Coffee 春啡咖啡品牌視覺設計 3 Spring Coffee 春啡咖啡品牌視覺設計 4


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