Chiu Brothers Aquaculture 邱家兄弟水產烏魚子

Art Director — Shih Chien An
Designer — Eloise Chen
Role — 字體設計,包裝設計插畫設計

Chiu Brothers Aquaculture persist in ‘’Nourish for land first, second for water, fish last. ’’They grow the aquatic life on the basis of this way to create a good environment and aquatic products. We focus on the aquaculture methods from Chiu Brothers and it be come our design concept for this project. Packaging made of brown paper, which is look like soil texture. Tell consumers that our product is come from natural and we are environmentally friendly aquaculture.


邱家兄弟水產生態養殖烏魚子 | 2019包裝設計 1 邱家兄弟水產生態養殖烏魚子 | 2019包裝設計 2邱家兄弟水產生態養殖烏魚子-包裝設計邱家兄弟水產生態養殖烏魚子-包裝設計


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