連華工程 – 品牌識別設計

Art Director — Shih Chien An Designer — Eloise Chen Role — 企業識別設計, 網頁視覺設計

連華工程主要提供純水及超純水系統的設計、生產、施工、維護,更致力於RO系統開發應用與各樣膜元件的清洗維護。 識別以藍色為企業色做為純淨水產業的象徵。標準字上以水浪的造型呼應企業所提供的服務。
Lientech company provides pure water and ultra-pure water system design, production, construction, maintenance, more committed to the development and application of RO system with a variety of membrane components cleaning and maintenance.The identity, color blue and wave shape logotype which are instinctive reactions associated with company business content.

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