Sanjinoir黑侍樂讀 – 品牌識別設計

Art Director — Shih Chien An
Designer — Shih Chien An, Eloise Chen
Role — 企業識別,識別設計,名片設計

Sanjinoir is an online media. Since 2015, it has been mainly driven by reading media, audiovisual, graphic production, and is currently a Yahoo Qimo automobile locomotive special cooperation unit. The name of the logo is the name created by the owner ’s personal influence on the characters of the anime media. The design is based on the two colors “red” and “black”. In addition to the brand name, it also cooperates with the design to make the font more dynamic.

Sanjinoir黑侍樂讀 1Sanjinoir黑侍樂讀 2 Sanjinoir黑侍樂讀 3 Sanjinoir黑侍樂讀 4 Sanjinoir黑侍樂讀 5


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