WoWFood – 品牌識別設計

Art Director — Shih Chien An
Designer — Eloise Chen
Role — 企業識別設計, 網頁視覺設計

WoWfood-新場景股份有限公司為台灣第一家以網路垂直領域意見領袖(a.k.a網紅)作為標籤的快銷品公司,公司成立於2019年,為PressPlay設立專門作網紅商品孵化的子公司,並以網路電商為主的食品企業,結合新媒體網紅提供解決方案。設計方向“吃”做為主要設計發想來源,將WOW三個英文字,結合圖像化”碗“的造型,創造極富趣味的圖案。”W”的視覺意象已代表WOW的視覺感,因此在APP Icon設計上保留這樣的設計,以“!”做為結尾提點。
WoWfood-New Scene Co., Ltd. is the first fast-selling company in Taiwan with the Internet vertical field opinion leader (aka net red) as the label. , And online food-based food companies, combined with new media influencers to provide solutions. The design direction “eating” is the main source of design ideas. The three English characters of WOW are combined with the shape of the “bowl” to create an interesting pattern. The visual image of “W” already represents the visual sense of WOW, so keep this design on the APP Icon design, with “!” As the ending point.

WoWFood 1WoWFood 2WoWFood 3WoWFood 4WoWFood 5WoWFood 6


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