About _Us
an_Vision為重視溝通及多元交流的創意設計團隊,我們的工作及合作範圍包括攝影師,動畫導演,室內設計師,前端和後端開發人員,以及作家在內的豐富協作者網絡進一步擴展與連結。致力於這些合作,為客戶創造豐富且多元的品牌資產,為客戶創造有意義的內容和品牌資產。我們幫客戶進行的品牌設計或企業設計,包括從問題診斷、策略思考、視覺形象設計、包裝設計、網站設計、視覺資訊整合、藝術指導、 企劃文案、動畫設計,一直到空間形象等,為全方位的品牌或企業整合設計服務。We are a creative team who care about communication and multicultural exchange.Our work partner include photographer, film director, interior designer, program developer and author, we have great chemistry with each other in our team network.Our service includes problem identification, visual design, packaging design, art director, web design, animation design and interior visual design.Our aim is to provide the holistic service catered to corporate values.an_Vision is a design studio based in Kaohsioung, and certified by enterprise Taiwan.

Our Services
藝術指導,品牌和廣告策略,品牌和視覺識別,廣告,內容策略和創作,文案寫作,編輯設計,展覽設計,平面設計,資訊圖表設計,空間設計,網站建置 Art direction, Brand and digital strategy, Brand and visual identity, Campaigns, Content strategy and creation, Copywriting, Editorial design, Exhibition design, Graphic design, Information design, Signage and wayfinding, Spatial design, Websites
Do not hesitate to contact if you have some project in mind. We will insight some different vision & unique there.

Our Clients  Pressplay, JenShin Coffee, Ris-interior, PaoPaoFun, Spring Coffee, in’s cafe, Zhonnan Salt, ECS Enterprise, GTI, MIRDC, Lientech, Hotel-Si, OrNoir, Mohotec, XOR Creatives, KMFA。



施  建安
Shih Chien An





陳  學農
Hsueh Nung Chen





劉  琬琳
Wan Lin Liu

Animation / illustrator



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